I’ve had a few thoughts about doing this, and in the end I decided it would perhaps be fun to share some of the terms which made me cry laughing.


Notes: I shall italicise the search terms and in square brackets [] I shall write my thoughts sometimes…depending how puzzling I found them. Also, I won’t bother correcting them, I’ll leave them as they were typed in.


2014’s ‘hits’:

madoka is so complicated [it is indeed, or is it now?!]

who was reiko natsume’s lover [who was it, indeed?? Now I’m curious myself]

female natsume takashi [sadly…I don’t think you’ll ever find anything here regarding this]

hanasaku iroha visual novel [I’m not sure I wish there was one, Hanasaku Iroha was brill as an anime]

aoba re connected [reconnected to pain, or what?]

dramatical murder so true [the pain?! hell yeah, it is!]

i compare myself to anime.characters [anything that floats your boat, toots]

top 10 saddest anime deaths clannad [just how many deaths do you think there are in Clannad?! O.o]

clear x aoba bad ending reconnect [WHY, OH WHY FOR THE LOVE OF LIFE WOULD YOU WANT TO EVEN SEARCH THAT??]

the warnings at the start of dmmd [weren’t quite needed, IKR??]

anime couple sit [now, that’s an innocent search…I think?]

anime couple i am here for you [you’d better]

puss in boots anime nikki [huh…]

homura x madoka x nagisa [I don’t even want to know]

madoka homura mature [gee…why would you want to ruing such a beautiful story by turning it into that?!]

aoba ra pe [clever…but not clever enough – yes, I’m citing the twins in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban now]

where can you find the manga dramatical murder by nitro+circus [it’s a circus, indeed, but there’s no such thing as nitro+circus, nitro+chiral perhaps…?]

flesh dramatical murder [flesh, pain, limp c***s and rock-hard d***s, you name it, it’s got them all]

นิยาย fullmetal alchemist yaoi envy x edward [you’ve got some nerve to ruin one of the best anime series out there…why would you want that?!]

ive orihime [did you mean “I’ve always hated Orihime”? because so have I, always]

anime list of romance of many boys [I think this is Moro’s fav…]

enjoy incest [please, leave me out of this]


Ready for some more?


2015’s ‘hits’:

https://nikkinootaku.wordpress.com/2015/02/19/ニッキーのオタクはリブスタブログですか??/ [‘atta dedication O.o thank you!]

https://nikkinootaku.wordpress.com [again, thank you]

female takashi natsume [again???]

if you know what i mean anime [sorry…I don’t think I do…]

aoba little sex [did you mean “aoba – little sex”? or “aoba little – sex”? either way, this is some f****d up imagination…I can’t stand paedophilia]

dmmd reconnect virus trip route [that is one of the worst ones – why?? Why search for this?]

female butler anime characters [maids? Perhaps? Just sayin’]

aoba rabbit [huh…]

nagisa momoe lacked character development [that’s a critical eye you’ve there…]

rikka takanashi naked [sorry, this isn’t quite that kind of website]

trip re connect badvending [I’ll take it like you were searching for some sort of vending machine, otherwise I might get mad]

aoba sex [at least he’s not little anymore]

nikkinootaku dmmd critique [wow, thanks again!]

chitanda eru full body [that’s kinda messed up]

dmmd what is so bad about trip cake scene [what is NOT wrong with it, you mean?!]

science fiction thriller horror magi madoka world [yeah, in a way, it’s horrific what they did to Homura in the third film *sobs*]

is noizs ending supposed to mess up the visual [yes, it is actually, don’t worry, your pc doesn’t have viruses, only trips]

aoba’s hair mink [well, is it Aoba’s hair or Mink’s that you’re looking for??]

dramatical murders manga unusual parts english [I didn’t know there were any usual ones O.o]

witch anime on tumblr only the head [OH FFS]

anime boys with nature magic abilities group photo [very specific…]

inoue orihime yande [yeah, she’s not messed up enough, now you want her to be yandere??]

my baby being with u is such a marvellous feeling that i can’t explain in words mining

aoba’s but [Aoba’s but what?!]

parasyte the maxim boobs [no-no]

anime namikaze couple so sweet anime namikaze couple so sweet [take a breath, chill]

nagisa miki bleach [nah, that crossover doesn’t quite work for me; whose head do you want her to take? Aizen’s? well, I could quite picture that actually]

what’s aoba’s sexual orientation [gee, what indeed?!]

hot anime couple in sad missing [whoa…wha…?]

drama tical girl [yes, toots, all girls are dramatic(al), don’t all the guys think so?!]

akemi homura the hell [look, just because Homura says she is now ‘akuma’ – to use the Japanese word – doesn’t mean she’s the devil. Unfortunately, English cannot translate it any different, and even if it could, by now it’s too late, as everyone calls her the devil, which she’s not. That is not what she meant, listen to the Japanese version before getting messed up ideas. Gee, I always get so angry when I find these…]

admit it, it’s true dmmd tumblr [the pain is awfully true, indeed, so are the tears]

dmmd test what bad ending would you get [the worst one, you deserve it for this search]

anime rape scene pinterest [please…please, make the world a better place…]

ghost whisperer you know what? i’m going to spank you! and hard [well, now I’m scared to sleep alone again]

funny incest pictures [none here, sweetie]

mikiya fell in love with his neighbour [no, he’s in love with Shiki]

japanese otaku special nikki [otaku nikki as in me?]

kyouko has another misunderstanding [does she now?!]

dmmd koujaku re:connect bad end white guy [that’s a bit racist, now, isn’t it?!]

what happens when aoba gets stuck inside a charater head [heaven falls down, what do you think happens??]


Well, that was a handful. I hope people managed to find just what they were searching for on my blog. I, for one, will keep getting amused (and sometimes angry) when I see these… I hope everyone starts the New Year with a huge, genuine smile on their faces (in the least).












Enjoy, hope you have as much fun as I did reading these! Thanks for stopping by!



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