It’s a bit early (but something’s coming for tomorrow night, too – tomorrow’s 31st December in the UK)…but I’ve a funny story to share with you, now, at the end of this year. A while ago I decided to change the language of my WordPress to Japanese; I thought “I’m familiar enough with the layout and buttons and what they do, so I should be fine even without understanding too many kanji”. And all was cool…until today morning when I got my end-of-year report…erm, have a wee lookie for yourself.


On another note, thank you for still being here with me after this time and through my absences! I hope the New Year brings everyone the best of health, happiness, and prosperity!


Thanks for stopping by! 統計チームは、2015年のあなたのブログの年間まとめレポートを用意しました。






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