Today’s series, known shortly as かみちゅ! (Kamichu!) in Japan, was created by Besame Mucho (which is the pen name of 倉田英之 (Hideyuki Kurata), 舛成孝二 (Masunari Koji), and 落越友則 (Ochikoshi Tomonori)) and produced by Brain’s Base. The story follows ゆりえ (Yurie) and her friends (祀 – Matsuri, and 光恵 – Mitsue) through the adventures they go on after she becomes a goddess. I saw this anime a long, long time ago when I was in high school, so this is nostalgic for me; I mean even though I watched it only once, I liked it so much that it stuck with me ever since.

And may I just say ‘thank you’ for recommending this title to me ^^.

My pleasure.

That being said, for me this was a really enjoyable and light-hearted series which also managed to pack in plenty of content and adventures. I never would’ve thought that a middle-school goddess would have so much on her plate.

I never would’ve thought that a middle-school girl could become a goddess overnight, tell this to her friends during lunch at school, and they’d take it like it’s the most normal thing they’ve ever encountered. But you don’t have time to be shocked by this, because the story moves on so quickly that you’re just absorbed into it, and before you notice, you’re part of a wonderful story which is full of gods, talking cats and Martians. Oh, and a love confession.

I definitely remember having a ‘what the heck is going on here?!’ moment at the start of the series, when Yurie just randomly announces that she’s a goddess and everyone seems ok with that, as you’ve mentioned. This is also one of the aspects I loved about the series – people just took things in as they happened; there was no over the top drama regarding the events that happen.

‘No big drama’ also scores points for me. If I remember well, the soundtrack was also nice and fit the series as a whole. The series also gets bonus points for its simple but very expressive animation. I’d recommend it to anyone as it can be watched at any age and regardless of whether you’re into anime or not, or into a certain genre.

I’ll second, third and fourth the above. If that’s even a thing that I can do :D.

And on that note, we’ll let you have a taste for yourself with the video below (we couldn’t find a trailer, but you can get a pretty good idea even just by watching this):




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