One award after another – I’m really grateful and at the same time, I wonder if my blog really deserves these awards.


As usual, the rules:

1 Put the award logo on your blog;

2 Answer seven questions asked by the person who nominated you;

3 Thank the person who nominated you, linking their blog;

4 Nominate other bloggers, linking their blogs, and let them know you nominated them;

5 Come up with seven questions for your nominees.

So, without further ado, I’d like to give a heartfelt thank you to leaveit2me for passing this award on to my blog!

The questions I’ve to answer – and my answers to them:

1 Answer one of the following: why should someone read your blog instead of mine? OR, Why should someone read my blog instead of yours?

I’m really confused by this question, and I mean it. People are free to read any blogs they want and I’d never think one blog is better than another. People’s tastes are subjective and should not be judged – this is what I think.

I do have something to add, though: you write about having multiple personalities – and in the most childish way possible at that, and then expect a psychologist to recommend your blog over anybody else’s…? Are you for real? Psychological disorders are one of the things you don’t joke like this about, in my opinion. I do understand it was a joke, but I do not encourage such behaviour, neither am I impressed by it.

2 Write a simple love poem (in any form) to the anime/manga character of your choice.

Well, anybody who reads my posts can probably guess who my poem would be for. However, a love poem is something very special and very intimate – this is solely my opinion, but due to this, I would never put something so personal on to a blog. If it really is a love poem, it’s a big thing, and it deserves privacy, otherwise all its magic goes away. So I’m afraid I’ll pass this time.

3 If you could have any anime character’s costume in your wardrobe, whose would it be?

Hard to choose, it’d be between Homura’s, Shiki’s, and Saber’s. I can’t choose, so I’ll go with all of them – I like bending the rules hihihi.

4 In 140 characters or less, talk about a strong feeling you have regarding something to do with anime.

Very, very vague question. However, I’ll go with this as my answer: I am not a particularly big fan of drama anime, but I’ll still watch them…depending on a few factors.

5 Describe what you think would be the perfect anime. If you think it already exists, please share.

There’s no such thing as perfect – everything out there has its merits and flaws. As such, I do not believe there is, or will ever be, a perfect anime. There are some series which get close to perfection (Boundary of Emptiness is only one example), but that’s as far as it goes.

6 Pitch an idea for an anime that is a cross between Bleach, One Piece, and Naruto.

I watched Bleach, I’m not into Naruto (although I’ve read it’s about ninjas), and I’m certainly not into One Piece – neither do I think I’ll go for it. With these in mind, I think I’ll have to pass this question. This is why I don’t go for such questions for my nominees: I never know who has watched which anime and I don’t always have the time, and patience to do the detective work of checking someone’s AL, with a few exceptions. As such, if I do have something very specific in mind (such as what you’ll find lower), I’ll make them optional – sort of bonus, or challenges, if you will.

7 And last but not least, who are you? Please be brief.

I am me, it doesn’t get any briefer, nor any less Buddhist than that.

I’d like to pass this award on to the following lovely peeps:



Cally the Cat


Sas Kim

My questions are:

1 If you could be an anime character for a while, which universe would you like to be a part of? (Note: you don’t have to be an existing anime character, you can be yourself just..anime character instead of human being). Feel free to choose as many as you like, but please explain why you chose them – I’m curious, as usual.

2 What’s your favourite genre (of anime/films/books etc) and why?

3 Do you have a favourite mythical creature? If so, what is it?

4 If you were to be any of these, would you choose to be the writer, the mangaka, or the game developer? Or all of them? Why? Why not?

5 If you could (i.e., if it was accessible), would you travel to the outer space? Where exactly and why?

6 What are some things which upset you the most? (e.g., I can’t stand and as such, I fight animal testing, amongst others)

7 What are you most likely to do when you’re angry or stressed?

Bonus questions:

8 Read (at least) this article by Blair (2008): The Cognitive Neuroscience of Psychopathy and Implications for Judgements of Responsibility and, using solid evidence, back up your stand on whether Johan Liebert (Monster) and Makishima Shougo (Psycho-Pass) could be considered psychopaths. What measures would you take in order to help them? (I’m hoping you won’t go for highly unethical stuff such as the capital punishment, although I wouldn’t be surprised even if you did).

9 With these in mind, do you think Light Yagami (Death Note) can be called a psychopath? Why? Why not? As usual, use solid empirical evidence to back up your answer.

Have fun and good luck! As usual, please don’t hate me and thank you for stopping by!


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