The only rule for this award is to talk about dreams, huh? Well, Freud would certainly have to say lots about mines. However, I’ll try to keep this short and tight.

Firstly, I’d like to thank dandylion13 for passing this award on to my blog.

Secondly, here go the seven dreams (why does it sound like the seven deadly sins…?! or is it just me…?)


1 I can’t swim and sometimes I’ll dream I’m drowning – not a mystery as to why, I hope.

2 Before exams I usually take only a one-hour-nap the night before, but that is enough for me to dream that some of my lecturers from university and teachers from high school are in the classroom and are watching me…

3 While waiting for the exam results I’ll repeatedly dream I failed everything.

4 Most of my dreams revolve around people I know and just normal day-to-day situations involving them, such as my talking to someone I know or miss (although I can’t remember ever hearing my voice, only theirs; the conversation we have is flowing and makes sense, nonetheless).

5 I do sometimes dream that some of my dear ones die. And I also dreamt I died myself.

6 I don’t dream of flying, although apparently most people do. Well, I dream of falling really, most times into the sea and just before reaching it I wake up.

7 Sometimes my dreams are just some of my experiences from the past, and it’s like I’m watching them happen, rather than reliving them.

And now, my nominees:



Cally the Cat

Hiatus explained: life. I’ll be back, though, so please wait for that moment when I’ll write posts again, if you feel like it, of course.

Thank you for stopping by!


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