It’s been so long since I wrote a post about Japanese music!

Well, only one way to solve this. I’ve discovered this band in the winter, I think just before Christmas. Ooooohhh, I remembered how I found it. I was listening to the ending song from The Tatami Galaxy (神様のいうとおり – Kamisama no Iutōri) which is performed by やくしまる えつこ (Etsuko Yakushimaru) along with 石渡 淳治 (Junji Ishiwatari) and 砂原 良徳 (Yoshinori Sunahara):

Anyway, Yakushimaru-san is the lead singer of the band called The Theory of Relativity (相対性理論) – I basically listened to the first song from their first album (Hi-Fi Anatomia), went on and ordered their first three albums.


This is how much I loved them! This has instantly become one of my favourite bands! I love their style, which is sort of weird, because I don’t really listen to this kind of music, but I’m loving theirs!

Moving on, sometime after I discovered flau (which I would not have had it not been for Moro and about which I shall explain a little more a wee bit lower), I liked them on Facebook and they posted the following video:

And this is how I found out about the wonder called Cuushe; I was instantly fascinated by her music! It was so unusual! Instead of screams you get all these sighs and sounds which are simply out of this world! There’s no other way I could describe it but marvellous! So since her new EP Night Lines was coming out, I couldn’t help but get it while it was still in stock.



And it was worth it. Cuushe’s music isn’t your usual Japanese pop music and words wouldn’t do it justice, not to mention that the only way to convince yourself is to listen to it, before you get influenced by others’ opinions.

The last that I was to talk about in this post is a Japanese record label based in Tokyo. flau was curated by Yasuhiko Fukuzon in December 2006, in Tokyo, Japan. Orgel is another record label from Tokyo, which is curated by flau. So together, Orgel and flau created a little wonder: a music box which plays a sample of only 18 seconds; mine plays Ólafur Arnalds’s  Ljósið, and I’d like to thank Moro once again for showing this to me!



It is literally a wee wonder, but you can’t not love it, especially if you love Ólafur’s music. I’m pretty sure they had another one which is already out of stock. There are only 400 pieces of this little box and mine is number 212, and I ordered it in the winter. I always loved music boxes so I just had to have this one, too.

Anyway, this is it for this post! Thanks for stopping by!


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