I just remembered that the lovely mocorochi has tagged me (quite some time ago) for the Inspector Green Tag. So since I’ve just uploaded the post with the Liebster Award, I thought I’d answer these questions as well.

I have read a few posts regarding this Inspector Green Tag thingummy, but have not yet been able to find anything with regards to its origins. Regardless of that, here it goes:

  1. When was the last time you went to a store containing anime?

I went to the Forbidden Planet a couple of years ago. This shop has merchandise from games (including RPGs), anime, manga, comics, etc. I went there so long ago because whenever I want something, I just purchase it online. Like it can be seen from the following picture:


Since I’m at this, I shall take once again the opportunity to thank the amazing Onegai Kaeru Team for finding and helping me purchase the Solanin bunnies!



  1. Do you usually watch anime online? On what website?

Yes, I usually watch anime online but I won’t give any names. For obvious reasons.

  1. First Japanese word you learned from an anime?

「さようなら」. Once I’d learned it, Mum and I kept using it with each other whenever we parted.

  1. Best animation style in your opinion?

I’m slightly confused again. So I’ll answer like this:

If it is about the style, well…I’m fine with 2D. 3D does not work on me, but CGI is not too bad, either.

Now, if ‘style’ does not refer to what I said above, then I’ll go with the animation style of ufotable. This one wins hands down. Just have a look at Boundary of Emptiness and Fate/Zero, and if these won’t do I’ve no clue as to what will.

  1. Best anime pet?

As I’ve said here, it has to be テツヤ二号 from Kuroko’s Basketball.


  1. What is the longest anime you’ve ever watched?

Most probably Bleach, I think…


  1. What is the shortest anime you’ve ever watched?

I recently found lots of very short anime, mostly psychological…so I’ll say the last title I remember: セカイ系セカイ論 (World System, World Greatness). It was a pretty good 40-second-long anime episode.

sekai kei sekai ron

  1. What is your favourite anime couple?

Normally I’d say I have already answered this in this post, BUT (with me there’s always a ‘but’) in the meantime I have watched 四畳半神話大系 (The Tatami Galaxy) and it has instantly (and I meant it) become very close to my heart. So, I’ll go with Watashi () and Akashi-san (明石) from this series.


Now, if I got it right, I have to tag three other people (rules are made to be broken (well…sometimes only)), so I shall tag four, for now. So, here they are:

| dandylion13 | D.T.Nova | Cho | Moro |

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy answering these, too! If it bothers you in any way that I have tagged you, please let me know ^_^


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  1. 「さようなら」. Once I’d learned it, Mum and I kept using it with each other whenever we parted.

    Your mom’s cool!

    Also, you have good tastes in anime pairing, as usual (there are some I don’t agree with, tho :9 ).

    いいね: 1人

  2. I’ve been meaning to watch The Tatami Galaxy, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I did check out five minutes of episode one after seeing your post and wow do the characters talk fast. I’m digging the art style though.

    I’m jealous that you have Uzumaki by Ito Junji. I love that book!

    いいね: 1人

    • I loved ‘Spiral’, too 😀 I’ve also sent one as a present for my little brother (he turned 18 last month) and he loved it and finished it in two days (he even took it to school and read it during breaks – I didn’t see that one coming) 😀

      Also…. I can try to make you more jealous…are you up for it??? (I’m evil…)

      The Tatami Galaxy is simply put…one of the best series out there and I think everybody (regardless of whether they’re into anime or any sort of Japanese stuff) should watch it at a certain point ^_^ on a totally unrelated note: I LOVE Akashi-san 😀 (I just had to say this again)

      いいね: 1人

      • I don’t know if my heart can take any more jealousy, but I’m also curious to see what else you have hehe.

        For Tatami Galaxy to get that press from you means that it should be good, which means I get to ask a fun question. If you had to choose, which show would you rather watch: Boundary of Emptiness or The Tatami Galaxy?

        いいね: 1人

        • Drat!… I was hoping you wouldn’t ask me that… must I really choose??? ok…this really is excruciatingly painful (but I guess you’re making up for my making you jealous so it’s only fair) but I have to go with The Tatami Galaxy.

          Also, here you go ^_^ (yes…they are exactly that) Homura's soul gem and ring

          いいね: 1人

          • I don’t even have time to be jealous, because I’m actually shocked by your answer. To be honest, I was expecting you to pick Boundary of Emptiness. I was even tempted to say, “which show would you rather watch: Boundary of Emptiness or The Tatami Galaxy? I think I know the answer, but I want to hear you say it.” But decided to drop it.

            Wow….Tatami Galaxy must really be amazing then. I’m shocked lol and also jealous now that I’m seeing your picture. How much did it cost??

            ps. I’ve been meaning to ask. What other psychological animes did you watch, since you said that you’ve been watching quite a few of them lately. I’ve been doing the complete opposite and watching tons of gag comedies.

            いいね: 1人

          • Boy am I good at shocking people 😀 Have to love that ability of mine 😀
            The Tatami Galaxy wins because it is pure food for thought. Boundary of Emptiness is as well, but …but there’s a but 😀 anyway, this is solely my opinion 😀

            As for how much it cost…well…let’s just say a lot for a uni student with a part-time job… and I don’t feel like I deserved them so…

            Psychological anime, huh? The following titles are really short anime (and you may find them if you paste the Japanese title on Google, especially Google Japan, or at least that’s how I found them since I’m in the UK):

            Yoru no Okite
            3tsu no Kumo
            And a rather long but absolutely brilliant franchise: Ghost in the Shell (although you may have watched it).

            This is pretty much what comes to mind right now ^_^

            いいね: 1人

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