Normally, it would have been fairly easy for me answer this: what shocked me the most was that in 君に届け (Kimi ni Todoke) absolutely nothing happened during the first season …then not for the second season either – as in, no kissing or anything else to show that their relationship is evolving and developing and growing stronger – , just holding hands once or twice and it was finally THAT which was shocking in the end, because by then I’d got used to the fact that in the last 5 minutes nothing was about to happen between those two. Gee, I get the feeling I should really start reading the manga.

Anyway, after a little consideration, I finally remembered that there’s an anime where I was positively shocked: Book Girl (文学少女).


Amano Tōko (天野 遠子) is the president of the literature club in her high school. Long story short: she consumes books, thinking of them as snacks. This is what shocked me – in a good way. Because I love books *cough* I love good books. And what she says is that she enjoys the stories by eating them after she’d read them. And boy is she lucky, because she gets her hands on Inoue Konoha (井上 心葉) and makes him ‘make her meals’ – basically, that means she asks him to write her snacks, I mean stories…which she can then eat.

Now, to a synaesthete this would actually make sense. I mean, words can actually taste like something, or even simply good or bad. So with that in mind, it makes sense that she enjoys reading a story and then eating it – especially if the story was good. I’m not saying that she’d be a synaesthete, I’m just saying that her behaviour is still kinda-sorta understandable.

It was still a little shocking the first time I saw her doing that, though. After that I got used to it pretty fast and really enjoyed the series.

So, once again, thanks for stopping by!

P.S. I know today’s post is early by at least 5 hours but if I leave it for later, I won’t be able to post it by the end of the day. It doesn’t matter too much, though, but I made a promise to myself that I’d manage a post every day at least for this challenge.


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