This wasn’t easy – as in it took me a while to realise that the answer was right under my nose – but it was certainly funny to think of – as in how to write the post.

In the beginning I remembered how after having watched Death Note I so desperately wished I had one myself. But now somehow I found I’m not so hooked on it anymore.

Then I thought about Kagome’s arrows in Inuyasha, and they seemed like a good choice, but again, I wasn’t entirely happy.

Of course, I love Homura’s ability to stop time, but as soon as I thought about that, for some reason, I started feeling very lonely.

And then it came to me – the zanpakutō (斬魄刀), but not any of them: my favourite zanpakutō is Rukia’s Sleeved White Snow (袖白雪 Sode no Shirayuki).

And what really made me love zanpakutō was that filler arc called Zanpakutō: The Alternate Tale arc (斬魄刀異聞篇). I do have to admit that up until I watched that arc, I only saw them as swords; not necessarily only as tools for fighting or killing or helping souls…but just swords really.

The arc though made me love them and see them as an alternate ego of a Soul Reaper, as a part of them, as some sort of being without whom they wouldn’t be whole – they wouldn’t quite be themselves.

Rukia’s zanpakutō is not my favourite because it is considered to be the most beautiful, but because Rukia is my favourite female character from Bleach and I loved the relationship between her and Sode no Shirayuki from the time when Sode no Shirayuki rebelled against Rukia, to when Rukia realised what Sode no Shirayuki meant to her and that if needed she had to go through the pain of letting her go. And then one of the most beautiful things happened: they both realised how much they mean to each other and that there’s no way one could do without the other.


And this can be extended to the other Soul Reapers and their zanpakutō – or at least, in my opinion. And this is why I love zanpakutō and yes, I would actually love to have one.

And this is it for today! Thanks for bearing with me thus far!


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