Due to half-unforeseen circumstances, today’s post will be a tad late, but here it is finally.

This is actually really easy; my favourite goofy character has to be Chizuru Tachibana (橘 千鶴) from You & I (君と僕).


Firstly, he may come across as goofy all the time and careless, but to me he actually seems very sensitive, kind and helpful. And this be seen throughout both seasons of the anime: he cares a lot about his friends and ‘Mary-the-sheep’. It seems to me that he loves his group, but also that he just loves life and being optimistic; never giving up even when it’s too hard to bear – just smile. These are the things that I get from him.

For example, when they have the Cultural Festival (文化祭) at school and Mary is all about Shun Matsuoka (松岡 春), Chizuru simply puts his head down on the desk for a few seconds and then smiles and asks the others to go see the fireworks (or something like that, I cannot remember exactly what it was that he asked them to do, but it was a fun activity for all of them). This shows a lot about Chizuru.

He could have sulked, he could have shouted, he could have left. Yet he chose to stay, as painful as it was for him to watch the girl he loves thinking only about one of his best friends; yet he chose to stay and not sulk, but try to have fun with everybody. This shows a big heart and pure intentions; it shows selflessness and honesty – if he only cared about himself, he could have made Shun suffer because Mary was in love with him, but he did not (maybe I love him a lot because in this regard, I’ve been in his shoes once and acted the same way).


Then we can see again how caring he is when Kaname Tsukahara (塚原 要) is sick and they all go to visit him. And these are only two examples. Even the twins, Yūta Asaba (浅羽 悠太) and Yūki Asaba (浅羽 祐希) have a lot of fun around him – everybody who is in his proximity does, really. I think all his actions speak for themselves: he is a very caring and thoughtful and sensitive person, as awfully goofy as he is. True, he may not always be aware of what the ones around him think and/or feel, but he always does his best by smiling and even cheering everyone up with his ‘goofiness’. And this is why he means so much to me.


And this is today’s post. Thanks for stopping by!


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