Here I go with the first post of this kind ^_^

The first song I picked for this week is oblivious by Kalafina.

It so happens that this is the ending theme used for the first Boundary of Emptiness film: Overlooking View (俯瞰風景). [Lyrics].

I love this song for many reasons. Firstly, it’s the very first song by Kalafina that I have ever listened to. Secondly, this is the song which made me look up the title Boundary of Emptiness and so it’s contributed to my watching the series. Lastly, I obviously love the lyrics. They fit perfectly with the theme of the first film (as it’s mostly the case with the Boundary of Emptiness films) but one can take it out of that context as well, and interpret it in a totally different way.

For example I find it both a love song – mostly because of the lyrics:

“oblivious                                             「oblivious

soba ni ite ne                                        側にいてね

shizuka na koi ga hora hajimaru yo       静かな恋がほら始まるよ

itsuka furue nagara                               いつか震えながら

futari no mirai e”                                  二人の未来へ」,

and also a song fitting the theme of the first film:

“hontou wa sora o toberu to shitteita kara          「本当は空を飛べると知っていたから

habataku toki ga kowakute kaze o wasureta”      羽ばたくときが怖くて風を忘れた」.

Anyway, if I were to be fully honest, the lyrics of this song make me think mostly of love and flying, of an autumn sky loaded with grey clouds through which thin sun rays can be see, of time – life, really – passing.

Next are moment A rhythm and a 7days wonder, both by 凛として時雨 (Rin Toshite Shigure – which, I should mention, has become one of my top favourite bands – I especially love TK’s singing style, both in the band and on his own).

These are some of those songs whose lyrics I choose not to think about, for reasons that I have already mentioned and elaborated on. They’re just very very very nice songs. [Lyrics]

Oh, sprinter by Kalafina.

Besides the fact that for me, it’ll always take me back to Paradox Spiral (矛盾螺旋) from the Boundary of Emptiness series, I find it a very nice love song. Yuki Kajiura-sama is a brilliant composer, Kalafina sing so beautifully and the song has such a nice rhythm and beat, really – I can’t not love it. [Lyrics]

Last but by no means least, there’s illusion is mine again by 凛として時雨 [Lyrics].

And this song actually makes me think – although maybe it shouldn’t – about how life is an illusion. This is one of those wise things that my Buddhist friend has taught me – our life is an illusion (I don’t want to get into that unless someone specifically asks, mostly because it feels like that is not a topic for this blog, perhaps for my other one). And since it makes me think that life is an illusion, every time they sing ‘illusion is mine’ in the chorus, I think of how our lives belong to us and nobody and nothing else; moreover, it makes me think that it depends on us to reach any of our goals (no, I don’t believe in any god or in destiny, I believe in karma), it depends on us to be happy or sad and so on and so forth. And this is why I like it a lot. As I said, the lyrics may not be about this at all, but this is how I currently interpret it.

So, this concludes the first post of this kind. Hope you enjoyed (and also…do excuse the tardiness) and thanks for stopping by!


©Sony Music

©Kalafina/Yuki Kajiura


I do not own these songs.


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