Hmmmm, this one is not much easier either, and I’m afraid here I won’t choose because all the ones I’m about to mention have amazingly executed animation. Please note that I did not say I can’t choose but I won’t choose, which implies that I do not want to choose. This isn’t a matter of personal preference anymore – choosing the anime with best animation – this is comparing their animation and deciding that one is better than the other; now, I’m no critic or anything like that and to me they are all brilliant in terms of animation – and that’s why I changed the title of the challenge.

The first one is Boundary of Emptiness (空の境界) and the magic (present in all the films) we can see on screens is thanks to ufotable. Anyone who has watched at least one of the films knows why this anime has an insane animation – in the most brilliant way! Unfortunately, I could only find the trailer for Gospel in the Future (未来福音) but this should suffice. I mean, if this won’t do, I don’t know what will.

The next one is Hal (ハル) which was masterfully put together by Production I.G. This film had very beautiful animation – I was very impressed indeed.

Fate/Zero (フェイト/ゼロ) is next and the fighting scenes are bloody awesome. Actually, not just the fighting scenes, but pretty much everything – though, I can’t get over it and have to say it again: the fighting scenes rocked so bad!!! Again, this is thanks to ufotable and Nitroplus.

Next one is something magnificent. It’s called Garden of Words (言の葉の庭) and the masters of this breath-taking production are Makoto Shinkai (新海 ) and CoMix Wave Films. One example of unworldly animation in this film is the rain – amongst many others.

Last but by no means least, is The Colours of Blooming (花咲くいろは), which was produced mainly by P. A. Works. The trailers I’m using here are: the first one for the series and the second one for the film (Hanasaku Iroha: Home Sweet Home). The animation in both the series and the film is extremely beautifully executed. For example, in the film there a scene (that I could not find on youtube) where Ohana’s Mum – a teenager throughout most of the film – jumps into the pool. That is a bloody brilliant scene and the way water is shown splashing is simply amazing.

I’ve listed here some of the anime which impressed me the most and whose animation literally took my breath away while I was watching them.

Hope you enjoy! As always, thanks for stopping by!


Thirty-day anime challenge – Day 16: Top 5 Anime Series with the Best Animation」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Some new animes to check out. I agree with you about the Garden of Words. I still need to finish that one (I’m half way through) but the rain animation was absolutely stunning. Definitely one of the best looking animes out there.

    いいね: 1人

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