Hmmm, again one of those difficult decisions *sigh*

This is a matter of personal preference, but instead of pet I shall use animal companion.

Before I start though, I should make a confession.

I really see myself in need to mention that I am a dog person. I love all animals, but dogs are by far my favourite animal companions. Now…as much as I wouldn’t want to mention this, I still feel like I should: the reason why dogs are my favourite animal companions is because wolves are my favourite animals. Since it is quite illegal to raise a wolf as an animal companion, I decided I wanted a breed which could get as close to wolves as possible, and so I have a Siberian husky – whom I couldn’t love more.  He’s been with me since he was a two-month-old puppy and it means a lot to me to come home after a long day and have an innocent being like him wag his tail, happy to see me. I cannot put into words how much I love him, how much he means to me and how grateful and lucky I am to have him. I am getting rather sentimental here, so I shall get crackin’ with today’s challenge.

So, the first animal companion that came to my mind was Sadaharu (定春) from Gintama (銀魂).

Sadaharu 02

I have not yet finished the series, but I got very attached to him from the beginning. Except for the fact that he’s a dog, he seems quite funny – although in an ever-so-slightly morbid way (yes, I’m pretty much talking about the way he lovingly bites people’s heads). Anyway, from what I could see so far, he seems loyal and helpful and smart – not to mention the advantages he has thanks to his size.

Sadaharu 03

The next animal companion that I thought of was Kirara (雲母) from Inuyasha (犬夜叉).

Kirara 03

I’m really not a cat person – for the simple reason that I can’t stand how independent cats are or want to be; I’m the kind of rather clingy person, who wants to spend time with her animal companion, who wants her animal companion to listen to her and do as she says and cats really aren’t going to be like that; I still love cats, but I choose to do so from afar. Anyway, Kirara is not your ordinary cat – she’s a猫又 (demon-cat); however, she’s loyal, she listens to Sango and she is very protective of her loved ones.

Kirara 02

Anyway, before mentioning who my favourite anime animal companion is, I should also say that I also considered Sakamoto (阪本) from Nichijō (日常). I love black cats. I know some think they bring bad luck, but not only do I dismiss that superstition, I actually think that if anything, they bring good luck – every time a black cat crossed my path, something good happened to me.


Sakamoto is quite funny and I admire him for how he copes with what he has to go through at the hands of the Professor. Also, occasionally he can be quite thoughtful and mature, but then he quickly gets back to cat-specific behaviours.

So, finally, my favourite anime animal companion is Tetsuya #2 (テツヤ二号) from Kuroko’s Basketball (黒子のバスケ).

tetsu 2 03

First of all he’s a husky. Second of all – oh, who am I trying to fool?! He wins hands down due to the fact that he’s a husky. It’s a matter of personal preference and ever since I got my dog, Siberian husky has become my favourite breed (we have 10 stray dogs at home, in Romania, whom my family picked off streets so they wouldn’t be euthanised and now they’re taking care of them – and by this I mean to say that I really do not love certain breeds (or animals, for that matter) more than others, it’s simply that at the time I had the opportunity to choose my dog, but as I have already said, I love all animals).

tetsu 2 01

Anyway, Tetsuya #2 is adorable!!

And here it is, today’s challenge completed – but this was another one of those difficult choices *sigh*

tetsu 2 02

Thanks for stopping by!


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