The title of today’s anime challenge might be different on other blogs, but ‘favourite fighter anime’ sounded plain wrong to me, so I decided to change it.

Moving on, my favourite martial arts anime is 幽☆遊☆白書 (Yū Yū Hakusho). I remember I was in high school when I watched it.


I grew very fond of the main characters; somehow, Urameshi Yūsuke (浦飯 幽助) reminds me of Inuyasha, but I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly it is that makes me feel so; Kuwabara Kazuma (桑原 和真) and Hiei (飛影) are awfully comic and awesome in their own special way; Kurama (蔵馬) on the other hand, is a lot like Sesshōmaru from the Inuyasha series – I really haven’t the foggiest as to why I am comparing the characters in these two series, hmmm, interesting – elegant, intelligent, strong – well, all of them are strong for that matter, but Kurama is Kurama. And now the female in me is screaming ‘why in the world did you not start with the female character, even more so since she is your favourite character of the series?!’ – I know, sometimes not even I can stand myself. Anyway, Genkai (幻海) was also bloody brilliant, I remember I cried a hell lot and was very disappointed when she died.


If I remember well, the art was not too bad, and by this I mean that it was not finely detailed or anything like that, but the battle scenes as well as pretty much anything else really, were well depicted. I also remember I loved the OP and ED themes but unfortunately, I can’t remember much about the soundtrack of the series. Somehow though, I have a strong feeling that it did go hand in hand with the anime.

I was also very impressed by the story and how it was unfolding. Captivated, I could say. In my opinion, this series is not only a bloody brilliant martial arts anime series, but  really just a bloody brilliant anime series. It really is worth watching.


As always, thanks for stopping by!


Thirty-day anime challenge – Day 10:  Favourite Martial Arts Anime」への18件のフィードバック

      • I first watched anime on TV. That’s how I got acquainted to this highly entertaining medium. Back then, I didn’t care about the original Japanese dub, since anime DVDs were not really the fad among ordinary folks like me. But even so, I thought the local voice actors did a good job in portraying the characters in our national language, which is Filipino/Tagalog (because we have a lot of other languages, too). There was even a time when classics anime (Heidi, Princess Sara, etc etc) were highly popular that even Heidi was aired in our region in our very own regional language (which is Bisaya). I highly enjoyed anime even back then.

        I only got to watch anime when I was in high school as I grew interested again in the medium, thanks to schoolmates who were always talking about Naruto, etc etc.

        Of course, right now, my preference in watching anime is to watch them in original Japanese dub because they feel more natural. And I think Japanese voice actors are very well trained in the art of portrayal of characters just with their voices.


        • Yeah, I know what you mean – I have quite a few friends who watch anime dubbed in either Einglish or their native languages and are very content with how they are translated and/or how the characters are brought to life by the seiyuu, but I just can’t bring myself to listen to more than 5 seconds before turning it off.

          We have lots of shows (anime or not) dubbed in Romania, but most anime (except for maybe Pokemon and Digimon) is in Japanese with Romanian subtitles and so I’ve never really watched it dubbed in any other language (thank Yato!) 😀

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          • I think it’s because we are different people, we grew attached to different things because of our differences in our ‘settings’. Tastes may remain throughout the years, but change is one of the most certain things in this world.

            I have mentioned I liked the local dubs of anime here, but due to my exposure to many anime in original Japanese, I don’t find these dubbed anime appealing anymore. Even if I stop by to watch the reruns of old anime and of the most recent ones on TV, I don’t fail to rant about the crappy dubs (in my head). But, still, when I randomly see anime on local TV, I tend to stop by to watch. XD

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          • I should consider myself lucky I don’t have a TV (wouldn’t have time for it, anyway, although I do miss watching the Olympics and tennis matches), so I watch everything online ^_^

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          • I used to, when I was little – this basically means a very very long time ago. But to this day it’s my favourite sport so I would never refuse to watch it ^_^ Do you play any sports – or did you use to?

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          • I used to play basketball in high school, but I was already interested in the sport when I was a kid. But I’m not really that into the entertainment/professional side of it, so I don’t usually talk about NBA with friends.

            いいね: 1人

          • Oh, you include the part that I don’t indulge in entertainment/professional basketball? XD

            I just asked that question to be sure, because I sometimes find myself out of place whenever the Play Offs come around, and everyone is glued to their TV to watch each match. I just can’t bring myself to religiously follow the match schedules and stuff. The very best I can do during those times is watching the championship matches. XD

            Oooh, that basketball thing is actually influenced by SLAM DUNK. One of the first anime I watched. On TV. Local language dubbed. Yeah. But, still, it was soo funny. XD

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          • I included everything – that comment really impressed me, in its entirety. Except for the basketball bit, I don’t know – when I read it I just felt surprised and impressed, that’s all 😀

            There’s nothing wrong with watching anime in another language than Japanese, it’s just that I personally cannot stand it.

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          • Hahaha. That kind of surprised me, you know. 😀 Thanks for the compliment, if you meant it as one. XD

            And, yep, I *could* stand non-Japanese dubbed anime because back then, I had no idea. Now, I’m an extreme loyalist of Japanese-only anime dub. Heh

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