Somehow I didn’t need to think twice before choosing my favourite anime couple: it is 岡崎朋也と古河渚 (Okazaki Tomoya x Furukawa Nagisa) from Clannad.


Pair up a so-called delinquent such as Tomoya with a girl low on self-esteem like Nagisa, and you get magic. I think they complement each other in an unworldly way. It’s actually unnervingly beautiful how well they fit together.

On one hand, Tomoya has a troubled past and maybe an even more troubled present; he knows not the meaning of family; he likes to defy rules and apparently gives no rat’s whisker about school, yet he attends it from time to time; however, at the same time, he is very caring and helpful towards his friends. On the other hand, Nagisa has a loving and supporting family but her health is very frail; she is a loner mainly because of her repeating years in school due to her illness. So one takes these two people and makes them meet and grow stronger for their own sake as much as for each other’s; and it’s not only them as people growing stronger, but also their love for each other is taken to a whole new level. Tomoya learns the meaning of a family and unconditional love; Nagisa learns to be more self-confident and fight for what she believes in. But more importantly, they both learn what they mean to each other.


I have no words to describe how much Clannad and Clannad: After Story moved me, how much I appreciated this anime series and how much I cried and laughed watching it. But it was Tomoya and Nagisa and their story which made me love this anime so much. It was them who made me wish to have, one day, what they had at the end of After Story. This is why this couple beats hands down any other anime couple out there. At least for now. But I do not, as of yet, see any possibility of its being taken over by another couple in the near future.

So, as always, thanks for stopping by! I find I’m having more and more fun with this anime challenge, up to the point where I’m not entirely feeling as guilty as I should for writing up these posts but not my uni work….


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