My ‘plan-to-watch’-anime list is quite long, but if I had to choose an anime that I’ve wanted to watch for quite a few years now (I know, I should have just started watching it if I’d really wanted to watch it… but life doesn’t always work like that) that would most definitely be the ガンダム (Gundam) series. And I really mean all the series, I know there are quite a few in the big umbrella called ‘Gundam’ – and I want to watch all of it.


I kept hearing stuff about it; I kept reading stuff about it; I was told it’s awesome but it’s not recommended to women – which I personally consider BS because I love anime, and as long as it’s good, I’ll enjoy any genre – which never actually made me want less to watch it. As long as I love something, nothing I hear from others will put me down from wanting to experience it for myself. Anime is no exception.

g.s. destiny.

Considering all of the above, I think I can safely assume that soon it’ll be on my ‘completed’-anime list – of course, unless something happens; like I said, it’s curious (to say the least) how things work themselves out in the end.


Thanks for bearing with me this far!


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