So here I go again through that excruciating pain of having to choose one favourite character.

As usual, the nominees:

夏目 玲子 (Natsume Reiko) (夏目友人帳 – Natsume’s Book of Friends) – have to love how unscrupulous she was with the spirits. Of course, she also seemed thoughtful…


暁美 ほむら (Akemi Homura) (魔法少女まどか☆マギカ – Puella Magi Madoka Magica) – because of this and this ^_^ (second link was obviously added after I made the post 😀 )


閻魔 あい (Enma Ai) (地獄少女 – Hell Girl) – considering what she’s been through, I’m amazed she can keep going. I admire her a lot for how she acts and how she dealt with her past.

ai enma

時雨 亜沙 (Shigure Asa) (Shuffle!) – for she is thoughtful, a little tomboyish, intelligent, caring and wants to be cheerful all the time so as not to worry others but more importantly, it seems to me because she wants to really love life.

asa shigure

千反田 える (Chitanda Eru) (氷菓 – Hyouka) – obviously because of how curious she is and also… for her ways and means.

eru chitanda

いのり (Yuzuriha Inori) (Guilty Crown) – sometimes one does not need a reason for liking or loving something or someone. For me, this is one of those times. I just love her a lot.

inori yuzuriha

千鳥 かなめ (Chidori Kaname) (Full Metal Panic!) – she’s a tomboy alright; but she’s also thoughtful and caring and… one of my friends used to call me Kaname because of the many aspects in which I resemble her.

kaname chidori

見崎 (Misaki Mei) (Another) – I just love the way she copes with the way people act around her. That, and we have the same hairstyle.

misaki mei

古河 (Furukawa Nagisa) (Clannad) – there’s a lot of character development there, and I really can’t stress enough how much she means to me.

nagisa furukawa

松前 緒花 (Matsumae Ohana) (花咲くいろは – The Colours of Blooming) – simply can’t not love how she takes the opportunities she’s given, how she copes with the hardships of life and how cheerful a person she is.

ohana matsumae

朽木 ルキア (Kuchiki Rukia) (Bleach) – I simply love her. Because she’s Rukia. Enough said.

rukia kuchiki

セイバー (Saber) (Fate/stay night) – I love her not only for how she’s in f/sn (I didn’t have the patience to list all the productions she is in), but for how she is in general. She’s always going to be one of my favourite characters simply because she’s Saber.


両儀式 (Ryōgi Shiki) (空の境界 – Boundary of Emptiness) – again, I have said more than enough about her in the critique which I wrote up for the anime. I can’t put it into words any more than I have already – she just means a lot to me – and that is a bloody understatement!


火野 レイ (Hino Rei) (a.k.a. Sailor Mars from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon) – she’s been one of my heroes ever since I have first seen the anime. I have already mentioned how much it all means to me.

sailor mars

シャナ (Shana, a.k.a. 「炎髪灼眼の討ち手」“Flame-Haired Red-Hot-Eyed Hunter”) (灼眼のシャナ – Shakugan no Shana) – she loves melon pan, she’s a tsundere and she’s red-haired – do I need any more reasons?!


苗木野 そら (Naegino Sora) (Kaleido Star) – she’s taught me the meaning of stuff like ‘never give up on your dreams; no matter how hard it is, when you fall just get back up again; always keep moving forward’.

sora naegino

I’m not entirely sure whether it is harder for me to choose my favourite female anime character or my favourite male anime character, but for now I’d say it was just as difficult. My favourite female character is 両儀式 (Ryōgi Shiki) (空の境界 – Boundary of Emptiness).

shiki ryougi

There’s no other one here. As I said in my previous post, I will always love all my favourite characters, but here she wins hands down.

As always, thanks for stopping by!


Thirty-day anime challenge – Day 4:  Favourite Female Anime Character Ever」への13件のフィードバック

    • I think this is quite a happy coincidence ^_^ I just saw your comment after I uploaded today’s post. The happy coincidence is that without having seen your reply beforehand, I think I actually answered precisely your question O.o

      I don’t want this to be taken as self-advertising, so I shall paste that part of the post here:

      “Since my all-time favourite female anime character is Shiki Ryōgi (両儀式) from Boundary of Emptiness, many might wonder why that does not make her the anime character I find I am most similar to. There is very a very simple explanation for this. Shiki is on a totally different level among fictional characters (and yes, I said ‘fictional’ instead of ‘anime’ to emphasise my point) and in my opinion (and I hope nobody out there will be offended by my next words) nobody – human or fictional character – can be compared to her, as that would be just plain wrong. She is not your usual anime character, she is not your usual fictional character for all I know. So to me, nobody should ever attempt to compare themselves or other characters to her. I reiterate: I hope I am not hurting anybody’s feelings with these statements; it is just a personal opinion and by no means do I mean (excuse the pun) to look down upon anybody – that is something I hate the most, so I should be pretty much a hypocrite to do it. I am sure – or at least I hope I am not too far from the truth – that there is at least one other person out there who feels this way about their favourite character.”

      I am also happy to hear that we have many common favourites 😀

      いいね: 1人

      • I’d be checking out your post later. 😀 Okay, I’m content with your reasoning, and it reminds me of how I feel for my favorite female character, too. You’d see my answer in the future. (not wanting to spoil anything yet) 😀

        Yes, I find it surprising, too, that we have lots of common favorites.

        Btw, I have a question. Do you find my English weird? If you do, please excuse my English as it’s not my first language. XD But I’ll try my best to write as comprehensively as I can.

        いいね: 1人

        • I don’t find your English weird in the least O.o To be honest, I did not think you weren’t American (do excuse the double negative) so I was a tad surprised when you mentioned ‘watching TV series in English’ in one of your previous comments – to me that was the first (and only) hint (except the one you gave me in the above comment 😀 ) that you may not be a native English speaker. But that was it 😀 I’m not a native English speaker either 😀

          いいね: 1人

          • Ooh, thank you! Hearing that makes me happy, because every now and then, I realize that I still have a lot more work on my English. 😀
            So may I know where you’re from?


          • Romania? Wow! It’s amazing because it’s kind of rare to meet someone from Romania online. Nice to meet you (again)!!!

            I grew attached to Romanian language (a little bit) because I rediscovered and got addicted to Ozone’s Dragostea din Tei. I even tried to memorize the song and always sang it at school–influencing my classmates to sing the famous chorus, too. (though the lyrics they sang were a bit off from the original). Although I didn’t really study the language, I listened carefully to the song to help me memorize it with a precise pronunciation as possible. XD It became a trend back in 2012 because of my quirks (of singing foreign songs).

            How is it in Scotland? Is Scottish different from Romanian (the languages)?

            いいね: 1人

          • wow 😀 awesome 😀 that song was a hit around the world as far as I can remember 😀 please to meet you again, then ^_^

            Erm, Scotland is really nice, love the temperatures (it’s much cooler here – and my dog loves that a lot 😀 – but to my disappointment – and my dog’s, too – we don’t really get snow in the winter, which bothers me a lot, because my birthday is in the winter (I know, I’m very egocentric) and so is Christmas…and there simply HAS to be snow in the winter… instead sometimes we even get it in April O.o

            Anyway, people are very nice, prices aren’t too bad and the dialect up here in Aberdeen (which is mostly Doric but you also get Gaelic) is nice to listen to (most times I understand what they say, but they’re very understanding even if I ask them twice hahaha 😀 ) But at uni most people speak ‘standard’ English, with very little touches of ‘Scottish’ 😀

            いいね: 1人

          • Yep! It was a big hit here, too! I forgot how I end up listening to it again in an unlikely time. Hmm…

            Really? Snow in April? That’s… weird? How about you try spending winter in the Philippines? Hahaha. You won’t even get to experience ‘winter’ here. 😀 Oh, tropics.

            I am not familiar with most European languages, but they are pleasant to my ears whenever I randomly hear them. 😀 Oh, I listen to celtic music, but I’m confused if its Scottish or Irish in origin. Or does it have a blurred origin? Like a fusion of the two?

            いいね: 1人

          • If I know it right, Scottish and Irish are some of the Celtic languages, so if what I have just said isn’t absolutely wrong, you’re kind of on the right track with what you said there 😀

            No winter…? O.o not sure I could stand that hahahaha 😀 Of course, I wouldn’t fall over so much hmmmm 😀


        • I forgot to add – referring to Shiki – next to what I’d written in the ‘Day 13’ post, there’s also what I wrote about her in the post I wrote for the series. That’s why I didn’t write too much about her in this post, as I would have repeated myself a lot…

          いいね: 1人

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