This is going to be very very very difficult – extremely difficult, excruciatingly painful if I may. So I shall start by naming the nominees:

 Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) – can’t not love him. He’s strong and thoughtful and sensitive and… silly and goofy and an airhead and he loses his temper oh-so-easily but he cares so much – how could I not love that???


一目 (Ichimoku Ren) (地獄少女 – Hell Girl) – I mean he’s so sexy!!! Do I need any other reasons? I may have, but this shall suffice.

ichimoku ren

黒桐幹也 (Kokutō Mikiya) (空の境界 – Boundary of Emptiness) – he’s an angel. He believes with all his might in the good nature of each and every person. He is next to and wants to help anyone and everyone. But most importantly, it was the way he loves Shiki that made him one of my favourite male characters.


狡噛 慎也 (Kōgami Shin’ya) (Psycho-Pass) – he’s brave and sexy and stubborn and mysterious… *sighs*

kougami shinya

L Lawliet (Death Note) – he’s so sweet!!! And he loves sweets and of course, he’s a bloody genius.


Levi (進撃の巨人 – Attack on Titan) – he’s the most powerful soldier and a clean freak – how can one not love him?! (…and a tsundere, for all I know).


夏目 貴志 (Natsume Takashi) (夏目友人帳 – Natsume’s Book of Friends) – he’s been through so many, he’s been bullied, abandoned, rejected, judged; yet he became such a sensitive and, at the same time, strong person (considering what he’s had to get over), a loyal and trustworthy friend – I really have no more words to describe how much he means to me. And he’s sooooooo freakin’ cuteeeee!!!


折木 奉太郎 (Oreki Hōtarō) (氷菓 – ‘ice cream’) – he’s good looking, he’s got a lot of patience, he’s intelligent and… oh… I could go on and on about him *sighs again*

oreki houtarou

奥村 (Okumura Rin) (Blue Exorcist) – he’s a cutie; he’s awfully hot-tempered and he doesn’t think twice before acting; he’s such a child!!! But he’s also friendly and sensitive and trustworthy – and these mean a lot to me.


Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler) – he’s Sebastian. Enough said.

sebastian michaelis

平和島 静雄 (Heiwajima Shizuo) (Durarara!!) – Izaaaaaaayaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Enough said. Just kiddin’. Heh. He’s crazy – insane – mad!!! I love him like that!!! Truth is, at first I was going for Izaya, I don’t know exactly when and how the change was triggered – but this is the current case.


吉田 (Yoshida Haru) (となりの怪物くん – The Monster Sitting Beside Me) – he seems to be a bully but he’s actually so sweet and thoughtful and sensitive and jealous and good-looking and freakin’ smart – albeit silly – without even trying!!! (not sure I like that last very much but hey)

yoshida haru

浅羽 悠太 (Asaba Yūta) (君と僕 – You & I) – he’s sexy and smart and thoughtful. He’s actually very receptive and thinks a lot about what others feel – this is what I really love about him.

yuuta asaba

ネズミ (Nezumi) (No. 6) – simply because he’s Nezumi. Does it suffice? No?! Well, he’s got that hair, he’s a brilliant actor, he’s so freakin’ sensitive and caring and proud and stubborn and smart and… oh…. Like I said, he’s Nezumi.


So, the winner is……夏目 貴志 (Natsume Takashi) from 夏目友人帳 – Natsume’s Book of Friends. I’m not sure how many people saw this coming. but hey! I have favourite characters in each and every anime series that I watch (well, in most of them is actually more accurate to say). Anyway, I’ll always love my characters but if one has to win, for me right now it’s Natsume.


And like I said in the very beginning – this was awfully difficult. But as I’m typing, I’m finding that I’m actually having a lot of fun with this challenge!!!

So, as always, thanks for reading so far! I hope you’re enjoying my crazy thoughts again!

P.S. I’m sorry for the delay with this post. Today (technically yesterday) was rather hectic.


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