Firstly, I should actually mention that had it not been for my flatmate, I would not have realised (or maybe not until much later) that October 5th is actually….today. Erm, yeah, apparently I’m good at forgetting the date even during school.

So, the very first anime I have watched was 美少女戦士セーラームーン (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon).

I was 5 years old, I was soon going to start primary school and I was already madly in love with it and Japan and everything connected to it. It was actually this anime which made me make a dream of going to Japan one day. Almost two decades later, I still haven’t fulfilled it, but I’m working on it.

Anyway, I have very fond memories of watching it: I remember how once when they all died – except for Usagi –  I cried so bad that Mum told me that if I didn’t stop, she’d never let me watch it again. And I stopped instantly. I remember I was bugging Mum to make me Sailor Mars’ costume – yes, Rei was (and remains to this day) my favourite. I remember I was going through hard times and the only thing I wished for was to be able to transform into Sailor Mars and put an end to them – I think at the time it was one of my only ways of getting over…stuff. I remember how I’d argue with anybody who was calling it a ‘cartoon’. Oh, fun times…

Now that I look back to those times – when I first watched it, I think I loved it for many more reasons, not only for its being Japanese and bloody awesome; the child in me was so touched by the bonds between those girls – their friendship, how they got through the hardships of their lives, how they triumphed over evil, how at the end of the day, they were still only school girls with what sometimes they called ‘super powers’ and other times ‘burden’.


But as a child, had I been faced with the choice of having or not those powers, I would have obviously not thought twice before saying ‘hell yeah I’m in’ (obviously not in those words but you get the point).

I can’t wait to watch Sailor Moon Crystal soon – and I mean it – , the reason why I haven’t watched it already is because as I’ve already mentioned in my previous post, I am still trying to get over ‘stuff’ and the fourth year of university could hardly become any busier (I can’t believe I actually said that!!! Well… I’ll find out in the exam period most probably).

Anyway, here it is – first day of the challenge. Hope you enjoyed reading about my very first experience with anime.



Thirty-day anime challenge – Day 1:  Very First Anime You Watched」への4件のフィードバック

  1. My version of the challenge is actually different. I wonder why I got a different version. I downloaded a guide photo long ago (because I was already planning to take on this challenge at some point). And I found out that it’s different from everybody else’s. 😦


    • I was actually kinda ‘jealous’ that yours was different like that 😀 but you can always leave comments on posts which differ from yours 😀 I love to know about what other Japan-lovers prefer ^_^


      • Really? I felt like the odd one out.
        Anyway, I won’t easily give my answers quite easily. 🙂

        Sailor Moon was one of my first anime, too, but I didn’t watch it from first to last episodes, so I’m not sure if it qualifies as the ‘first watched anime’. I’ll take a different approach with this question. You’ll have to wait for my answer. 😉


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